Homeless Woman Arrested; Offered Sex for McNuggets

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Police in California have arrested a homeless woman who allegedly tried to exchange sex for Chicken McNuggets.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 31-year-old Khadijah Baseer was arrested in the parking lot of a Burbank McDonald's on January 11. Police say she approached the manager of the restaurant saying she was hungry, and offered to provide him sex in exchange for the little poultry treats.

When he politely declined, the manager said he saw her opening the car doors of people waiting on the drive through line. When she refused to leave, the manager called police on the woman who is no stranger to that particular McDonald's parking lot.

"She solicits money from customers and is always causing some sort of disturbance," the manager told officers, according to Burbank police Sgt. Darin Ryburn.

Ryburn said the woman has had contact with police in the past, but declined to go into detail.


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