Homeless Veteran Moved To Tears By Stranger's Act Of Generosity (Video)


A homeless veteran broke down in tears after a stranger went the extra mile to help him (video below).

When a homeless man approached Max Zahir at a gas station and asked for spare change, he was skeptical at first.

"What do you need the change for?" Zahir asked, according to his description in the viral video he posted on YouTube.

Zahir learned that the man was a veteran, and he had not eaten anything since the day before.

"So I told him to hop in the car and let me buy you food," Zahir wrote.

Zahir took the down on his luck man to a Carl's Jr. drive thru and recorded the touching exchange that happened in his car on a video camera.

In the video, Zahir pays for the man's meal and and hands him a strawberry milkshake and bag of food.

“I go to work every day around 4 o’clock, OK?” he then tells the vet. “If you meet me at that gas station I’m going to buy you lunch … OK? I just want to do something, and then maybe one day you get to your feet just pay it forward, OK?”

The homeless vet says he will see him again the next day.

"God bless you, brother," the man says before exiting the car.

He then begins to sob, and Zahir gives him a hug.

“Thank you, Max,” the vet says. “Nobody has showed me this much kindness in a while. Thank you.”

“It’s just a small thing,” Zahir responds. “You served this country, and you deserve better.”

"There’s a lot of us out here, bro,” the man says.

Zahir shared the video, he said in the description, to inspire people to help the less fortunate.

"The idea behind this video is not every homeless person asks for money to buy drugs and also to raise awareness for our homeless veterans," Zahir wrote.

Since the video, Zahir started a GoFundMe page dedicated to providing food and sleeping bags for homeless veterans.

He didn't stop there. Zahir reportedly offered his new friend a job at his restaurant, Celebrity Sports Grill in Yucaipa, California, Inside Edition reports.

Sources: YouTube, GoFundMe, Inside Edition / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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