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Homeless Teen Logan Santos Facing Charges For Eating Lunch At His Old School

A homeless teenager in South Carolina is facing charges this week after an incident on the campus of his former high school.

The homeless youth’s offense? Eating lunch.

“If someone is here, that we are not aware should be, that could create a problem,” said Gaye Driggers, principal of Carolina Forest High School in Horry County. “They could be places they’re not supposed to be.”

The teenager, whose family lives in Conway, S.C., is former Carolina Forest student Logan Santos, 17, who acquaintances say now lives out of a friend’s car.

Santos sat in the car during the school day Aug. 29, waiting for his friend to get out of class. During the school’s lunch break, the friend brought Santos some food, which the homeless teen consumed before taking a short walk on the school grounds. Santos was accompanied by his soon-to-be-suspended friend, whose name was not publicized.

Santos then went back to the car and waited out the rest of the school day.

He now faces a charge of “disturbing schools.”

Santos contacted a local TV station through Facebook after a story about the incident aired. According to the WNEM News report, Santos said he is “not a bad person” and was simply hungry and worried about starving.

The picture at right is a Facebook profile photo from a page attributed to Logan Santos, who lists himself as having attended Carolina Forest High School.  

His stepfather, Alfred Souza, told the station that when the boy came home recently, he had lost a great deal of weight and looked unhealthy. The family housed and fed him for about a week, Souza said, before Santos left again.

According to Souza, the teen has a troubled history, but has not been kicked out of his own home. “We’ve given him a beautiful house to live in,” the teen’s stepfather said. “He chooses not to live here. He took off a week ago Wednesday and we haven’t see him since.” 

In his Facebook message to WNEM, Santos expressed worry that he will not be able to afford costs of the legal trouble facing him for eating his lunch on the grounds of his former school.

SOURCES: WNEM Channel 5, WCSC Live 5 News, My Horry News, Facebook


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