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Homeless San Francisco Man Ryan Raso Rushes to Female Officer's Aid in Violent Assault (Video)

Homeless San Francisco man Ryan Raso came to the rescue of a policewoman under attack last Monday when a suspect began beating the officer.

“An officer was being beaten up, a human,” Raso said. “I just did what’s right.”

The female officer initially responded to a call in her area, which detailed a woman jumping from car to car and denting the hoods. When the officer arrived and attempted to arrest the woman, she became violent and placed the officer in a chokehold.

Raso said a small crowd watched as the woman pushed the officer against a wall and banged her head into it while the officer cried for help.

“A law enforcement officer is saying, ‘help me, help me’ when there’s no one else around doing anything,” Raso said, explaining why he felt the need to act.

When Raso saw the suspect reach for the officer’s gun, he wrestled her to the ground and held her until additional officers arrived.

Four days later, police tracked down Raso to thank him for his assistance and to buy him a new headset, which had been damaged in the fight.

Sgt. Eli Turner said the department is currently seeking shelter for Raso, and wants him to know that he has friends in the department.

The 36-year-old noted that his father had been an NYPD detective and would probably be proud.

Sources: NY Post, Fox News


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