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Homeless People Suffer Through Hurricane Sandy in New York City

While the media has covered Hurricane Sandy's destruction of homes and apartments, one segment of the U.S. population has been largely ignored, the homeless.

Many New York City residents fled to hotels and the homes of friends in preparation for the storm, but homeless people had to hope that they could get one of the 46,631 beds in New York City's various homeless shelters, reports the New York Observer.

Lacking enough beds, many shelters made exceptions for the homeless, allowing their buildings to go over capacity for the night.

The Department of Homeless Services’ spokesperson, Heather Janik, told the New York Observer: “In partnership with the NYPD’s homeless outreach unit, the DHS’s outreach teams have managed to bring 175 people inside."

However, many homeless were left on the streets or bunked in doorways, as Hurricane Sandy approached on Monday.

Homeless woman Dorothy Howe, 60, told the New Jersey News that she went to the Newark Liberty International Airport: “This is the safest place a homeless person could be right now. I didn’t know where to go."


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