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Homeless People Being Evicted to Make Way for Park in Albany, California

The City Council of Albany, Calif. has voted to remove homeless people from a landfill in Albany Bulb, a small part of San Francisco Bay.

The city council recently voted 4-1 to enforce an anti-camping ordinance targeted at the small tent community. Police will start kicking people out on October 1.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the city council did vote to budget $30,000 to help the 60+ homeless people find permanent housing, which apparently doesn't exist in the area.

“There’s no public housing in Albany, no available low-income housing, not even a homeless shelter. There are no homeless services, period, in Albany," said Bob Offer-Westort, of the advocacy organization Share the Bulb.

The city council wants to turn the landfill into part of the McLaughlin Eastshore State Park, which stretches all the way to Oakland.

"The campers have to leave. It's supposed to be a public park," Robert Cheasty, president of Citizens for East Shore Parks, told the San Jose Mercury News.

"Now it's just overburdened. There's a ton of people. Homeless people need to be re-integrated into society, not be shunted off, even if it's of their own choice."

However, there is no state or federal law requiring homeless people to be forcibly "re-integrated into society."

Source: San Jose Mercury News


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