Homeless Men Attack Victim With Baseball Bat And Dogs, Call Police When Victim Shoots A Gun


Two homeless men allegedly attempted to attack a man at his home after they suspected he had reported them to the Bureau of Land Management as trespassers. In a surprising twist, the two attackers called the cops after their victim pulled a gun on them.

Joseph Killingsworth, 27, and Johnny Moore, 25, reportedly broke into a 23-year-old man’s home in Oregon carrying a baseball bat and accompanied by several attack dogs, reports the Daily Mail. Police say the transients took turns hitting the victim over the head with the bat and caused serious injuries to his head, face and back.

The victim didn’t sit still and take the abuse, according to police. Instead, he reportedly fired two warning shots from a shotgun he kept in the house. Killingsworth and Moore fled the home and took cover at a nearby residence, reports KVAL. They called police early Wednesday morning to report that the victim had shot at them with a gun.

But cops didn’t let them off the hook. Both suspects were arrested and charged with assault. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Sources: Daily Mail, KVAL


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