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A Lesson In Compassion: Homeless Man Shares Pizza, No One Else Will (Video)

Here’s the scenario: you just picked up your favorite meal from that lunch spot you love so much. You’re walking back to your car when a stranger approaches you. “I’m really hungry,” they say, “could you spare me some of your meal?”

What do you do? A new video from OCK TV seeks to answer that question. The video features two men -- ET and Dennis -- walking around New York City asking strangers for a slice of pizza. All three times, the stranger denies them a bite. One person even tells Dennis to “f*ck off” and comments on the expensive jeans and shoes he’s wearing.

After those failed attempts, ET and Dennis find a homeless man and give him an entire pizza. A few moments later, Dennis comes back to the homeless man with a request.

“I’m really hungry, it’s hard out there,” he says. “Do you have an extra slice in there?”

Without hesitation, the homeless man gives him a slice. The man with nothing to his name seems to be the only one with the compassion to help someone in need.

Give this a watch:

Source and Photo: OCK TV


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