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Homeless Man Wins Hungarian Lottery, Vows To Donate To Charity


In the United States, there are ads depicting lottery winners lounging in enormous pools, thinking about things that they never could have considered before they won the lottery. The idea behind the ads is to encourage citizens to buy lottery tickets by showing them that they can indulge in whatever self-serving activities they want if their money is limitless. 

In Hungary, a lottery winner has an extremely different idea of how he is going to spend his winnings. 

The winner, 55-year-old László Andraschek, was awarded the largest lottery sum ever recorded in the country at a total of 630 million Hungarian forint (around 2.7 million USD). The man has claimed that the majority of his money is going to be used to set up a foundation for abused women and recovering drug addicts.

The reason Andraschek is going to use the money for such a cause is because he won the lottery ticket while he was homeless. According to Metro, he was on his way to a workshop for recovering alcoholics in Budapest when he used his last spare change to purchase the lottery ticket. 

In addition to setting up the foundation, Andraschek has already purchased a car for his children and repaid the debts he owed his family. 

“When the car salesman asked me how much I would be willing to spend I held up three fingers. As I had arrived on a bike he assumed this meant 300,000 forints, but actually I meant 3 million,” Andraschek said. 

Andraschek’s story is incredible, but there are tons of lottery winners around the world that spend their winnings in a similarly philanthropic way. 

According to ABC News, the 2010 winner of Texas’ then-largest lottery award of $144 million vowed to give 60 percent of all his winnings to charity. 


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