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Homeless Man Saves Teen Girl From Being Attacked By Ex-Boyfriend

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A homeless man in California reportedly saved a teen girl from being attacked by her ex-boyfriend. 

Paul DeLeon, a 53-year-old homeless man in Fresno, California, was near a liquor store when a young man in a white Lexus approached a teen girl — determined to be his ex-girlfriend — and began kicking and punching her. DeLeon came to the girl’s aid, pepper spraying the man to stop the attack from continuing. 

“I mean he was kicking her hard too, right in the head, and I couldn't just stand there and do nothing,” DeLeon said. “I grabbed my mace, and I maced him."

He then ran away, but the suspect tracked him down and fired several rounds at him. He was struck in the arm. DeLeon then grabbed his own handgun and shot at the suspect. 

According to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, it is “unknown if the suspect was hit.” He quickly fled the scene.

Both DeLeon and the 19-year-old girl were taken to the hospital for treatment. Both are expected to recover fully from their injuries. 

“He probably would've killed her,” DeLeon said of his heroic actions. “I mean, I have no doubt in my mind he wouldn't have stopped. She was out of it and he was still kicking her."

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