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Homeless Man Removed From Storm Drain After Being Stuck For Four Days (Video)

A homeless man was removed from a storm drain pipe Sunday after being stuck in it for over four days (video below).

Brian Williams was on his way to a swimming tournament in Nashville, Tennessee, when he heard noises coming from inside the pipe, according to Mad World News.

Williams checked to see if something or someone was in trouble -- and he found a man stuck in the 18-inch-wide pipe.

“He was yelling, ‘Help! Help!’ sort of repeatedly,” Williams said. "We used our flashlights from our cellphones and we could see him, but he was back in the pipeline a good ways, probably about 10 feet."

The 53-year-old man reportedly crawled into the drain about a block away and got stuck -- four days before he was found. His name has not been released.

Williams immediately called police when he realized that the man was stuck. Firefighters and police used sledgehammers, shovels and drills to remove the man from the concrete pipe. It took about two hours to remove the man, who was about four feet underground.

The man was immediately taken to the hospital. Police said he is expected to make a full recovery.

“If we had some rain ... he was in a storm drain, so it could have ended very badly for him,” Williams said.

Sources: Mad World NewsNew York Daily News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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