Homeless Man Receives A Home In Latest Viral Clip (Video)

An uplifting video showing the reaction of a homeless man who receives a home from a generous Samaritan is inspiring people all over the world.

It's something you have to see.

Check it out:

The good deed was done by a man named Rahat who, previously, became known on YouTube for giving a homeless man named Eric a winning lottery ticket. The video gained notoriety because Eric tried to share the winnings with others, even though he desperately needed the money for himself. After that video went viral, Rahat set up a fundraiser to bring in some money to give to Eric. Well, that fundraiser raked in over $40,000, so Rahat decided to rent a home for Eric to live in and set him up to better himself.

In the latest video, Rahat goes to visit Eric, who is staying in a hotel room, and asks if he wants to go out to eat. Eric agrees and tells Rahat that he actually just got a job. On their way to the restaurant, Rahat and a friend tell Eric they need to stop at Rahat’s home to pick something up, but little does Eric know, they are actually going to his brand new home.

When they arrive at the fully furnished home, Rahat reveals to Eric that the home is actually his. Eric’s reaction is priceless, and as many YouTube users admitted, brought them to tears.

“I have got to be honest with you, this isn’t really my house,” says Rahat in the video. “This is your house.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me right?” asks Eric before embracing Rahat. “Oh my God! Are you serious?!”

Eric went on to express his gratitude for all those who donated money and helped give him a home.


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