Homeless Man Leo, Who Was Learning How To Code, Gets Arrested By NYPD

A homeless man known as Leo, who has been taking the opportunity to learn how to code with the help of a computer programmer, was arrested on Monday by the NYPD for reportedly trespassing in a closed park.

Gothamist reports that back in August, Patrick McConlogue, a programmer and self-proclaimed entrepreneur, announced that he would offer Leo, a homeless person he frequently saw on his way to work, $100 or the opportunity to learn how to code.

Leo went with the coding option and McConlogue has been teaching Leo all about coding for a few months.

"Saturday was a high point," McConlogue said. "We went to a social good hack-a-thon, and the whole goal is that you donate your time as a coder and build a tool in 24 hours that solves an online education challenge. It was a great day, and we are on track for launching his mobile app in the next couple of weeks."

The officer who made the arrest reportedly told Business Insider he arrested Leo because he was sleeping on a park bench after the park had closed to the public.

McConlogue said he went to the police precinct but was unable to get Leo or his personal belongings, including the computer McConlogue purchased. The computer reportedly could not be returned because McConlogue could not provide a serial number for the device, even though he did have a receipt for the computer purchase.

A Facebook page that McConlogue created for fans to send messages to Leo was updated by McConlogue with details of the arrest. As of early this morning, the page has more than 34,000 likes.

The duo was scheduled to talk about their project on The Today Show on Wednesday.

Sources: Gothamist, Business Insider


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