Homeless Man Hacks Off Dead Man's Fingers to Steal His Gun

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A homeless Colorado man is under arrest for a ghoulish crime -- cutting off a dead man's fingers so he could pry the gun out of his hand.

The New York Daily News reports that this terrible story began on December 9 with an even more heinous act -- a man named William Ahrold killed his nine-year-old son and then shot himself to death in his van in the woods near Grand Junction.

A few days later Jerod Reeves and his girlfriend stumbled upon the van. Reeves admits they stole Ahrold's wallet.

“Anyone that goes and finds a dead body in the wilderness and sees a freakin’ wallet with some cash in it, they’re going to take it,” Reeves told 9News in Denver. “I don’t care who you are."

Then Reeves noticed the gun in Ahrold's hand. He wanted it, but he couldn't remove it from Ahrold's death grip. So he cut off the fingers.

“That was pretty crazy,” Reeves now says. “I’m not really sure. I should have left that there."

Police found the dead bodies on December 17.

Police say they were alerted to Reeves and girlfriend Kimberly McCaffery because they used Ahrold's credit card. They were eventually arrested in Washington state and brought back to Colorado where they are charged with tampering with physical evidence, criminal trespass and abuse of a corpse.


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