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Homeless Man Glen James Returns $40,000 to Owner, Gets $70,000

In an example of good karma, the homeless man who turned in a backpack full of money and travelers checks worth $40,000 over to Boston Police is getting rewarded with $70,000.

An Internet fundraiser who was started by Ethan Whittington, a Virginia man who was moved by the story, is poised to reward Glen James with $70,000 for his selfless act.

James found the backpack outside a Dorchester mall in Massachusetts on Saturday and promptly turned it over to police officers. He alerted Boston police in front of the TJ Maxx store located in the South Bay Mall and turned in the bag. James was only able to provide the police with his name and address of the shelter where he is currently staying, according to Gawker.

Police officers notified mall security about the backpack and were contacted later in the evening by a Best Buy employee who claimed the backpack to be his.

After hearing the story of the good deed, Whittington originally thought he could raise a couple of hundred dollars for James, Gawker reports. But within the first 24 hours, his GoFundMe page had raised $55,000 courtesy of donations from thousands of strangers.

Whittington’s new fundraising goal is $250,000. He hopes to give James enough money to buy his own house.

Whittington spoke to James, and he said that James had received an enough amount of money from others who heard about the story to open a bank account.

“He was up for the idea of having some guidance on what to do with this amount of money,” Whittington stated. “He said he would like a week to think about it, and in the meantime, I will speak with a few financial folks to see how we can help him in a way that will positively influence the rest of his life.”

Source: Gawker


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