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Homeless Man Breaks Down As He Watches His Shelter Being Torn To The Ground By Police (Video)

A heartbreaking video shows a homeless man watching his shelter being torn down by police, and the clip paints a picture of the big homeless problem in America.

In the clip, a homeless man named Sam is being kicked out of the shelter he’s been living in by police.

“Sam lived in this little house in the woods for many years,” reads the video’s caption.

After all those years living in the makeshift home in the woods, Sam was forced to leave. Before it was torn down, however, Sam reportedly asked police if he could watch it happen. In the clip, Sam sits by while a bulldozer tears through his home, and throughout the entire process, the sadness in his eyes is easy to see.

The clip is part of documentary called “Destiny’s Bridge” and in it, homeless minister Steve Brigham shows what life is really like living without a home. Brigham dedicates his life to helping other homeless people deal with the many emotional issues that they deal with on a daily basis.

"There are tent cities all over the country, and they're not going away," said filmmaker Jack Ballo. "We need to come up with new ideas to manage the homeless crisis and find solutions, instead of having people suffer needlessly while we're wasting taxpayers' money."

Take a look at the heartbreaking clip of Sam’s house being torn down below.

Sources: Huffington Post, Americans Against the Tea Party


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