Homeless Man Bernard Anderson Bey Sues Parents for Not Paying Enough Attention to Him

In a bizarre lawsuit filed by a 32-year-old homeless New York City man, the plaintiff wants a judge to force his parents to mortgage their home so he can buy two Domino’s Pizza franchises for himself and his siblings.

Aspiring musician Bernard Anderson Bey filed the unusual lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court, saying his parents, Vickie and Bernard Manley, have been "indifferent" to his "problems," and  they should pay him $200,000 to make things right.

"I feel abandoned," Bey told the Daily News Wednesday, outside the downtown Brooklyn homeless shelter where he's currently staying. "The relationship I share with my parents is not a beneficial one. Not a loving, nurturing one."

Bey wants his parents to mortgage their share of a Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone located at 245 Madison Street and then turn over the money so he can buy “two cost effective franchises such as Domino’s Pizza” which will, no doubt, help him to afford a lifestyle different than the one he’s accustomed to,” the lawsuit said.

“Defendant Bernard Manley informed the plaintiff he was entitled to nothing, which is true,” Bey wrote in his lawsuit. “I am not entitled to receive anything from an asset he owns. I only thought he might find pleasure in seeing his children become successful.”

The suit goes on to say that “the relationship I share with my parents is not a beneficial one. Not a loving, nurturing one,” adding that their actions throughout the years “have caused deep rooted wounds that cannot heal on their own.”

Bey’s lawsuit accuses his parents of being “indifferent to their children’s problems, relationship, poverty, status and station in life.”

In a statement to reporters, Bey said that “our whole family is really poor and my father doesn’t care about the situation. I feel unloved and abandoned.”

The rambling suit, which is handwritten by Bey, goes on to speak about growing up with a  father, who is really his stepfather, that called him “bastard” and “mother fucker” and did drugs in front of him.

Vickie Anderson Manley told reporters that she is actually afraid of her eldest son; adding that he needs to get a job because “he’s never had a job a day in his life.”

“He is looking for money so he doesn’t care who he has to step on. I have had a lifetime of him and I’m done. I’m done,” the 51-year-old mother said.

Bernard Manley dismisses the lawsuit saying Bey was only his stepson and “he’s not related to me.  He’s not my son.”

Bey, who runs the website Brooklyn Streets out of a Downtown homeless shelter, says he wants his family to “break the bonds of poverty” and achieve financial security.

Source: (New York Daily News)


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