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Homeless Man Allegedly Shoves NYC Student Maya Leggat In Front Of Train For Not Giving Him Money (VIDEO)

A New York City-area student was injured horribly after she was shoved in front of a train by a homeless man on Wednesday morning.

Howard Mickens, a 39-year-old homeless man, allegedly shoved Maya Leggat, 21, on to the tracks at the Metro North station in White Plains after she refused to give him money. Witnesses to the crime followed Mickens and held him until police could arrive. Commuters at the scene said they saw her mangled legs on the tracks.

“She refused to give him money and he pushed her in front of a train,” said Gary Waxman, who runs a newsstand at the station. “Finger were gone, legs were mangled - that’s what I heard from police.”

Waxman had seen Mickens begging at the station in the past. “He stands out in front and asks for money ... Today he decided he was going to flip out and do something,” Waxman said.

Metro North railway police arrested Mickens and charged him with attempted homicide. Mickens has five violent felonies on his criminal record, according to The Daily Mail.

Leggat is a student at Hunter College. She was conscious when police arrived and was able to describe the attack. The train which struck Leggat was empty.

"I'm just thankful that she's alive," the victim's brother told a local news station. "I know that she is stable. And I know that she will probably be going into surgery for her leg soon, not exactly sure.”

A video about the story is below:

Sources: The Daily MailABC 7


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