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Cop Gives Diabetic Homeless Man A Chrismas Gift

A police officer in New York gave a Christmas gift to a 70-year-old homeless man, keeping a promise that the officer had made to the man he saw rummaging through trash.

NYPD transit officer Frank Rendina had previously seen Ron Brown, a homeless man, rooting through trash on a subway platform. When Rendina told Brown that he couldn't open the trash cans on the platform, Brown said that he was looking for socks, according to WCBS. Rendina then told Brown that he would buy him a pair of socks.

Rendina later made good on his promise, giving Brown a pair of $18 compression socks to keep him warm, according to New York Daily News. The gift was wrapped in Christmas paper.

Brown said the gift made him feel great. "Someone thinks of me like a person, a human. Not everyone thinks of people like that these days."

"Rendina is a good person," said Brown. "I wish that he be successful and safe."

Rendina said Brown, who is diabetic, told him that his feet were hurting, and that his doctor said he needed compression socks designed for diabetics, but that he couldn't afford them.

Joshua Lagan, a 24-year-old subway commuter, saw Rendina give Brown the socks, and posted about the story on Facebook.
The post, which was shared over 1,700 times, even got a response from James O'Neill, the commissioner for the NYPD.

"Thx for taking time to post this [Joshua Lagan.] We can all learn something. I'm so proud of #NYPD cops, and of all NYers," O'Neill posted.

Rendina said that it was "a little strange" to receive so much attention for the act of kindness.

"Obviously it makes you feel good seeing everybody happy and cheerful," the officer said. "But I didn't do it because it was Christmas or any other reason. He needed a pair of socks."

Brown gave advice for those interested in helping people in need during the holidays.

"Help them if you can," said Brown. "The main thing of it, when you help people from your heart it will come back to you."

Sources: WCBS, New York Daily News / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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