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Homeless Brazilian Man Fabio Rigol Found Living in Friend's Crypt

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Homeless Brazilian man Fabio Beraldo Rigol was discovered sleeping in the same tomb as his dead friend, a habit he had kept up for the past 13 years.

The 47-year-old was found when locals noticed he kept disappearing into the Brotas cemetery in Sau Paulo. He chose to sleep in a large crypt with six burial chambers, one of which held his dead friend.

Rigol recalled that it was raining heavily the night he found the cemetery, and he had remained in the shelter of the tomb.

“I do remember that I asked permission to enter the place,” Rigol said. “After all, it’s wrong for anyone to break into a house.”

During the day, Rigol walks the streets because the graveyard is lonely. He claims not to have seen any spirits and isn’t afraid of sleeping next to a corpse.

“I’m not afraid of the dead,” he said. “I’m more afraid of the living.”

Rigol, a former office worker, became homeless when his family drove him out over drug abuse. He turned to drugs after loosing his job at a company that went bankrupt.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News


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