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Homeland Security Worker’s Race War Website Calls Barack Obama A ‘Degenerate Mullato’

The Department of Homeland Security employee who was found running a race war website advocating the murder of "a lot of whites" and "black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors" also refers to President Barack Obama as a "homosexual" and a "degenerate Mulatto."

Ayo Kimathi, or “the Irritated Genie," is responsible for the procurement of guns and ammunition for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, among other things.

“Warfare is eminent, and in order for black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,” said Kimanthi's War On the Horizon (WOH) website.

WOH “is a Haitianist organization created for the purpose of preparing black people worldwide for an unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race. Whites around the world are absolutely determined to exterminate Afrikan [sic] people in all corners of the Earth.”

The group is heavily critical of Obama, stating, “This degenerate Mulatto is nothing but a ‘homosexual’ who crawled out of the filthy wound of Europe [sic]. He's a tool in the hands of the smallhats who fights reparations for black people and promotes ‘homosexuality’ in Afrika.”

While millions of American celebrated the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream Speech” this month, WHO is staunchly against integration.

“Black people are forced to relive Martin Luther King Jr.’s nightmare of mass integration with and love for white folks,” the website said. “We have not only fallen in love with the whites who are committing racial genocide against us worldwide, but we have fallen in love with Negro preachers who love white folks as well. The great irony of it all is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not and does not represent anywhere near the best that Black religious figures in the history of amerikkka have to offer [sic].”

The website also claims that homosexual “white freaks” are destroying black culture, in what WHO refers to as the “homo assault on Afrika.”

“Decades and scores have passed with white pedophiles raping Black boys and girls in Afrika," according to the website. "Our motherland has become the ‘homosexual’s’ playground. For [30] years or more, white freaks have traveled to South Afrika to purchase the sexual favors of black children.” The website also calls homosexuality a byproduct of white supremacy.

Kimathi’s former supervisor at the DHS discovered the website in June.

“When I saw the website, I was stunned,” she said to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch. “To see the hate, to know that he is a federal employee, it bothered me. Everybody in the office is afraid of him. People are afraid he will come in with a gun someday and go postal. I am astounded, he’s employed by the federal government, let alone Homeland Security.”

Kimathi, as an ICE employee, would need official permission to engage in outside activities like running the WHO website. His supervisor said he misrepresented the nature of WHO, telling officials that he was running an entertainment website that sold videos of lectures and concerts.

“If he had adequately and truthfully described his group, I can’t imagine for a minute he would have been granted permission,” the supervisor said.

Sources: Newser, Atlantic Wire, SPLC


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