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Homeowner Charged With Murder After Police Say He Shot Robber

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A man reportedly chased and shot two robbers who broke into his Louisville, Kentucky, home just after midnight on Aug. 8. Deontae Yarnell, 22, who claims the act was in self-defense, is now being charged with murder after killing one of the intruders.

According to WMC Action News, Yarnell came home and found two men inside his house. He shot at them several times before chasing them through his neighborhood.

One of the invaders tried to flee by climbing a fence, and Yarnell shot at him again, killing him.

The man, whose name has not been released yet, was found next to the fence with fatal injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene, WLKY reported.

Neighbors say they heard shots around midnight. According to police reports, Yarnell chased the burglar for a full city block.

Assistant County Attorney Cristin Southard explained that because the homeowner chased the intruder off his property, his case is considered a homicide.

Yarnell’s lawyer disagreed, claiming that his client didn’t know if the men were going to kill him and had the right to shoot them. Yarnell is pleading not guilty, Starcasm reported.

People who know Yarnell are shocked by the news. A classmate of his, Elizabeth Dillon, recalls Yarnell was “a pretty good guy” and nicknamed Bow Wow in high school. She told WLKY he was likely just trying to protect his house.

Yarnell was scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 10. According to Attorney Thomas Clay, the “Stand your Ground” statute in 2006 does not protect Yarnell, but his fate will be determined based on the degree of homicide the jury decides.

Police say the other man in the alleged home invasion is still missing. 

Sources: WMC Action NewsWLKY,Starcasm / Photo credit: Screenshot via WMC Action News


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