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Home Invader Shot to Death by Resident

A Chicago man fatally shot a burglar who was attempting to rob his apartment, and because that man’s Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID) had expired, he has been charged with misdemeanor possession.

The 44-year-old man was reportedly sleeping when his 18-year-old daughter woke him up because she was frightened by some noises she heard. The man, who was using crutches at the time, got up to check outside but didn’t see anything. He went to the back of the apartment to get his gun, and when he turned around, he saw two burglars charging towards him.

The man fired his gun at the burglars, and they both turned around to head toward the door. One of the shots hit 31-year-old Mario Viramontes, and he collapsed to the ground as his cohort fled the scene.

Police were called to the apartment for the burglary but only discovered the suspect when they arrived. Not long after police got to the scene, Viramontes was pronounced dead.

The 44-year-old man has not been charged for the shooting death of the burglar.


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