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Home Invader Shot To Death

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A homeowner in Chicago, Illinois, shot an intruder to death on Jan. 8.

The 58-year-old resident said the armed man attempted to rob him, reports WGN.

However, as he had a conceal carry license, he was able to defend himself.

The homeowner shot the 23-year-old local gang member in the back of the head.

The intruder was pronounced dead after being taken to an area hospital.

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News of the incident quickly captured the attention of readers on the internet.

Some argued the intruder got what he deserved.

"Let's write it off as no harm no foul," wrote one person on Conservative Daily's Facebook share of the incident. "Piece of trash went in to the wrong house and got his ticket straight to hell punched. Next."

"The only tragedy is that a 23 year old moron broke into an innocent person's home to rob him," wrote a second. "The rest is just reaction to the act he perpetrated. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

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However, others sympathized with the homeowner and also expressed sadness over the deadly outcome.

"I will not glory in the taking of a life but sometimes it is necessary," wrote one person. "I'm not sure of how my emotional state would be if I had to do it but I'm sure I would feel much worse if I did nothing to protect myself and those I love."

"This is a tragedy any way you look at it," added another. "The ramifications of taking a life will be felt for many years to come. Nobody wins."

Meanwhile, the story also caught the attention of gun rights defenders, who used the incident to support their positions.

"Love stories with happy endings, especially when a good guy with a gun takes out a bad guy," wrote one. "If this homeowner had not been able to obtain a gun permit, Chicago's anti-gun philosophy would have turned another innocent homeowner into a victim instead of a survivor."

"Thankfully, citizens are still able to rely on the Second Amendment to defend their homes and livelihood," added Brandon Stewart for the Independent Journal Review.

It's one of countless times a homeowner has used a gun to defend himself during a robbery. However, it doesn't always end well for the defender.

While a gun saved the above 58-year-old homeowner's life, it destroyed another man's who thought he was in a similar situation, reports KDVR.

In July 2017, police arrested Colorado man Frank Hunter after he shot his son to death, allegedly mistaking the man for an intruder.

"[Reporting party] is saying he shot someone who came into his house," the dispatcher said during the 911 call. "Now [he’s] saying it’s his son, and he's dead."

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