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Home Intruder Chooses The Wrong House And Gets In Fight With Veteran (Video)

A home intruder met his match when he attempted to break into a home and came face to face with an angry veteran.

The altercation, which was captured on surveillance camera, shows the intruder attempting to enter the veteran’s front door unsuccessfully. Unbeknownst to him, the veteran was already expecting his arrival and had set up motion sensors and door chimes a couple of days before after the same guy broke into his home earlier in the week.

When the guy tried to enter the veteran’s front door, he was unable to get in, so he walked around the back of the home to find another entrance. When he got to the back, the veteran was there waiting and told him that he couldn’t come in. The intruder tried to leave, but the veteran wouldn’t let him until the police came.

“Once I told him he wasn't coming in, and wasn't leaving till he talked to the police he struggled to get away and tried a huge haymaker on the porch and ate an uppercut for his troubles (off camera),” wrote the veteran in his post on LiveLeak. “He was just about ‘out’ on the porch but I realized I wanted anything that happened to be on camera so I drug him down the stairs. The rest can be seen on camera.”

The veteran and the intruder can be seen in the footage wrestling on the ground right before police arrived and helped apprehend the suspect.

Sources: Mad World News, LiveLeak 


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