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Hockey Dad Joseph Cordes Charged For Pointing Laser in High School Goalie's Eyes

According to Winthrop, Massachusetts Police, 42-year-old Joseph Cordes was charged with disturbing the peace after pointing a laser into the eyes of a high school hockey goalie.

Last Wednesday, Cordes, the father of a Winthrop girls hockey player, was caught pointing the laser at the Medway-Ashland goalie. Winthrop Assistant Superintendent Lisa Howard then ordered him out of the arena.

Cordes told WBZ-TV: “I wish I could undo it. I feel like a complete jerk. It was very stupid, completely immature for a 42-year-old man to be doing that. My daughter, the humiliation I put her through is sickening to tell you the truth.”

While Winthrop went on to win the game 3-1, Cordes was barred from all events involving Winthrop High School.

The victim of the laser, Medway-Ashland goalie Kathryn Hamer, told WBZ-TV: "It’s kind of like when you look at the sun and then you look away you see that spot and you can’t see for a couple of seconds. You shake your head and try to get it out of the system and just keep focusing, but it’s difficult."

Parents of the Medway-Ashland players asked that the third period be replayed, but the high school hockey league rejected the request.


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