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Hobo Spiders Invade Montana Homes

Montana residents may want to ensure all the nooks and crannies of their houses are sealed shut for the winter to make sure both the cold and creepy crawlies stay out.

An unidentified homeowner in Missoula, Montana, sent ABC Fox Montana a photo of a spider trap filed with hobo spiders, which are venomous. Scientists dispute how dangerous hobo spiders are to humans, LiveScience reported.

Still, Josh McCloud, owner of HoldFast EnviroPest Solutions, said hobo spiders can easily explode in population. "I find that every home I walk into there’s evidence that there has been or there are hobo spiders there, so they are very common.”

McCloud said there are more hobo spiders every year. "We had a 60-degree day in February, and we had some really warm winter, and I think that kind of contributed, that gives them a larger growing season. They tend to hunker down during the winter, you don't really see a lot of activity.”

He recommends keeping houses uncluttered to stop hobo spiders from finding places to spin their webs.

Sources: LiveScience, ABC Fox Montana / Photo credit: Desirae/Flickr, roadsidepictures/Flickr


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