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HOA Threatens Family With $100 Fine Over Wreaths

A Las Vegas man said his homeowners association has asked him to remove wreaths from his house, threatening him with a $100 fine.

"It's petty," said Milan Thakkar, who lives in the Arroyo Canyon subdivision. "I can take it down in two seconds ... It's the principle of it."

Thakkar said his wife picked out the two wreaths for the family's front door to make it more inviting. The HOA reportedly sent a letter that told Thakkar he had violated a rule that holiday decorations need to be removed within 30 days of the holiday.

The couple has insisted that the wreaths are not Christmas decorations, KTNV reports.

"My wife's Persian, Armenian from Iran," Thakkar said, according to CNN. "I'm Indian. She probably has different taste than other people in the neighborhood, and they'll be up for a while."

Thakkar said that he contacted the HOA after receiving the notice.

"I used a little bit of language," Thakkar admitted. "I was a little bit intense because we're just not seeing eye to eye."

According to Thakkar, he has had issues with the HOA from the time that it started to be managed by Level Property Management. The management company said it was aware of the situation and that Thakkar would be able to make his case for the wreaths at an April 18 hearing.

"We do it uniformly. He's not the only one that gets that," an employee for the company said. The employee added that Thakkar has "used foul and vulgar language" when communicating about the case.

Thakkar has said that he will get lawyers involved if he needs to. The homeowner, a military veteran and survivor of cancer, said that letters from the HOA were a "nuisance."

"You come home from combat and you're just happy to be with your family," Thakkar said. "And then you got to fight little battles like this. It's a nuisance."

Bobby James, a neighbor of Thakkar, said that he was also threatened with a $100 fine from the HOA, which told him that he had weeds in his yard.

"You can see some little weeds," said James. "That ain't nothing to complain about to me."

James added that he had pneumonia the week that the notice was sent.

"I don't understand it, and they just sit on their butts and complain really," said James of the HOA. He added that he would like to see the HOA managed by a different company.

Sources: KNTV, CNN via KPRC, KNTV/CNN via WTOC / Photo credit: Tracey Adams/Flickr

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