HIV-Positive Man Sentenced To Prison For Neglecting To Warn Three Sexual Partners


An HIV-positive father from Pennsylvania once featured on CNN was sentenced to prison for having unprotected sex without warning the women about his disease.

This is the second time Ricky Webster, 26, was sent to prison for engaging in sexual intercourse without informing his partners about his illness.

“This was not only disrespectful but it borders on the most heinous and deplorable acts,” Judge Leonard Zito said, reports the Daily Mail.

“What he did, what Ricky Webster did, was to steal the lives of these young girls,” Zito added, reports The Morning Call.

In 2010, Webster slept with two females -- one a 15-year old girl -- in New Jersey without telling her about his illness, reports He was sentenced to four years in prison.

Webster admitted his decisions were “stupid,” but he didn’t intend to hurt any of the women.

When asked if she should use a condom, Webster told one partner -- a co-worker -- “No.”

“I was struck in the moment,” Webster said. “It was just a stupid thing not to say anything.”

He claims he was having relationship problems with his pregnant girlfriend at the time, and “it just felt good to be appreciated by somebody else.”

BuzzFeed reports one of the women discovered the truth about Webster’s HIV status after reading an article about him, re-opening the case.

Three women are now being tested to see if they have contracted HIV, The (Easton) Express-Times reports.

Webster was born HIV-positive and appeared on CNN when he was 14 to talk about his experiences and the importance of abstinence. A 2006 Star-Ledger series also featured him to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS. 

"I have always told [my girlfriends] the truth about being HIV-positive," he said in the 2006 interview.

Webster was adopted as a baby, his father stating in the 2004 CNN report he taught Webster at a young age about how it isn’t safe to have sex with somebody else who is HIV-positive.

The judge charged Webster with nine counts of reckless endangerment and he was sentenced to at least 33 months in prison.

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