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HIV Positive Man Pleads Not Guilty To Sexually Assaulting Two Girls, Impregnating A 12-Year-Old

Keith Anthony Allen, 27, has pleaded not guilty to sexually assualting two young girls. Allen, who is HIV positive, also allegedly impregnated one of the girls, who is 12 years old. He is also accused of fondling a 14-year-old girl.

Allen, from Columbus, Ohio, has been slapped with 19 charges, including rape, felonious assault and gross sexual imposition. He allegedly raped the girls knowing he was HIV positive, which is why he was charged with felonious assault.

Allen could face life in prison if he’s convicted of raping a child under the age of 13. 

According to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, Allen had access to the two girls because his girlfriend was one of the girl’s cousins and the other girl sometimes spent the night. The assaults took place between Sept. 1 and March 22, according to the indictment. 

“She told me he would sneak in there while I was asleep and told her if she were to say anything to anybody, he'd kill me, kill my aunt and she was terrified of him,” Allen’s unnamed girlfriend told WBNS. “That's why she didn't say anything for as long as she has.” Allen reportedly impregnated his girlfriend’s cousin.

Allen’s girlfriend said didn’t know he had HIV, although they had consensual and unprotected sex. She also said she and her cousin have both tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease, but they will also continue to be tested for HIV. So far, neither has tested positive for the virus.

“I was outraged when I saw that police report," O’Brien told The Columbus Dispatch.

Allen’s girlfriend showed reporters her cousin’s sonogram. "It shatters my heart," she said. “12 years old — she hadn't even begun her life yet."

Sources: KRMG, The Columbus Dispatch, WBNS, Inquisitr

Image via Inquisitr


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