The Hitman Who Was Hired To Shoot This Dog Didn’t Realize Who He Was Messing With

A Croatian fisherman and his son were out on their boat recently when they came across something floating in the water – a badly injured dog. The pair quickly pulled the dog out of the water and realized that he had been shot.

“He was floating like a log past us and suddenly his front leg moved like he was waving at us,” Pawel Brodzky said, according to Live With Dogs. “We pulled the poor creature from the water and took him to an animal shelter, where he was said to be in poor shape but strong enough to survive.”

The dog, formerly known as ‘Olly’ but now known as ‘Lucky’, is recovering well and will soon be adopted out to another family. However, the question remains: how did he end up in the water on that fateful day?

According to Life With Dogs, while taking Lucky to the veterinarian, Brodzky spotted the man who had thrown him into the water. The man was too busy putting his shotgun away to notice that someone had seen him. Brodzky took down his car’s registration number.

It was later revealed that the man was a hunter who had been known to kill other dogs in a similar way. Apparently Lucky’s old owner wanted to euthanize him, but didn’t have the $50 it would cost him. So he hired this man, for $7, to do the deed.

Neither one of them realized they were dealing with a really tough dog.

Lucky will pull through and go on to live a long and healthy life. The dog hunter is currently facing a year in jail.  

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Source: Life With Dogs


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