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'Hitman' Arrested After Advertising His Services On Facebook

If you’re looking for a discreet hitman, Jonathan Giraldo, 38, may not be your best choice.

Giraldo, who used the alias “Tony Garcia” and the nickname “Anthrax” on social media, advertised his services on Facebook. Despite using a fake name, Giraldo made the decision to post photos of his face, weapons and bundles of cash. 

Police in Lima, Peru, tracked him down and arrested him while he was updating his Facebook page - posting details of his recent crimes.

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“At the moment he is being held on firearms offenses,” Police spokesman Leonidas Menendez told the Daily Mail.

“The truth of it is, at the moment, we do not know yet if he really is a contract killer or if he is an idiot making up a fantasy life from his bedroom, but we will find out the truth," he added. "We are currently doing ballistics checks on the weapons and looking at his bank accounts to see if there have been any suspicious payments."

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In his Facebook profile, Giraldo called himself the “Most Wanted” and wrote: “On the streets - you learn more than in school.”

Unfortunately for Giraldo, the streets apparently didn’t teach him how to stay out of jail.

Source: Daily Mail / Image via Daily Mail


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