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Teen Cries In Mugshot After Alleged Sexual Assault (Photos)

 A Wisconsin teenager was captured crying in his mugshot photo after police arrested him for attempting to sexually assault a woman on May 28.

Anthony J. Zingale, 19, reportedly walked into the bathroom, exposed himself, and threatened to cut a woman if she didn’t have sex with him, the Daily Mail reports.

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Zingale had pressed a knife to her neck. The frightened woman, hoping to escape, told him they should head to the bedroom instead.

Once they were out of the bathroom, the woman screamed for help.

While Zingale denied the allegations of sexual assault, he did admit to police he was guilty of underage drinking.

Zingale’s mother had been at the party, the young man reported.

When the man was arrested and taken to jail, he could not hold back his tears as officers took his mugshot photograph.

Zingale is now facing weapons and first-degree sexual assault charges. He could be sentenced to jail for up to 40 years if convicted.

It is not certain whether the teenager is still in jail or out on bail.

Zingale’s mug shot is not the first to capture attention, New York Magazine reports.

Felon Jeremy Meek’s mugshot went viral after his good looks turned the heads of thousands all over the globe.

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The man had been convicted of possessing drugs before becoming an international heartthrob.

“Look at God, he outdid his self with this one. Me likey likey,” one social media user wrote when Stockton Police Department posted the photo.

Another added, “This is the spirit of God moving.”

A third said, "If this guy broke into my house I’d make him forget why he broke in within 30 seconds."

Since then he has caught the attention of Hollywood types; many wanted him to model for their company.

“He’s going to walk in the shows in Paris,” Meek’s agent said of his plans to get the man into high-fashion.

“I just think he’s really, like, dangerous and gorgeous,” said a representative of Cotton Citizen, one of the brands that had contacted the agent. “I live in L.A., and we have the street fashion, like, thug thing.”

Sources: Daily MailNew York Magazine / Photo credit: Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department via Daily Mail

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