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Hired Hit Men, Who Actually Work For The ATF, Turn Tables On Customers

Sometimes people looking for revenge or a way out of a situation turn to hitmen to take care of their supposed problem. However, the hit man, who looks the part, might just be an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Newser reports that anyone thinking of hiring a hit man might want to reconsider as many of those thuggish guys with names like "Thrash" and "Hammer" who say they can take care of your little problem for a small fee are actually undercover agents.

A reporter for GQ tagged along with an agent while a potential customer tried to pay him to cut his ex-girlfriend's face until she's disfigured.

“Oh, I want something done. I want that b****'s face cut,” the customer known as Lucero told the hit man, according to GQ. “I want her face cut to her skull — I want her life a completely living f****** hell. Which she did to me. I want it to be vice-versed.”

The hit man, who is actually an agent, seems to go along with it. He plans everything, including the type of knife he'll use and the cigar he agrees to use to burn her face. However, the Feds arrive at the last minute, busting the customer and pretending to also arrest the hit man.

Newser also notes that sometimes the cases are ethically ambiguous. For example, a hit man was once hired to kill a woman's former son-in-law, who she said was molesting her grandchild. She was arrested the next day, charged with federal murder for hire.

Sources: Newser, GQ


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