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Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn Calls Minorities 'Dark Ones' (Video)

Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn referred to minority students as “dark ones” today.

Arnn was speaking to a state legislative subcommittee in Lansing, Michigan, when he recalled how the Michigan Department of Education once criticized his school in Hillsdale, Michigan for not having enough minorities.

“They said we violated the standards for diversity because we didn’t have enough dark ones, I guess is what they meant,” said Arnn (video below).

Arnn made the statement while opposing Michigan's adoption of Common Core standards.

The college president said he was “skeptical about these state standards and increasing control from the state and federal government” because of his experience with the Michigan Department of Education.

When state lawmakers at the meeting said they were offended, Arnn defended the school, noted WZZM 13.

Later, Arnn did apologize, sort of.

“No offense was intended by the use of that term except to the offending bureaucrats, and Dr. Arnn is sorry if such offense was honestly taken. But the greater concern, he believes, is the state-endorsed racism the story illustrates,” the college said in a statement to the Detroit Free Press.

Sources: Detroit Free Press and WZZM 13


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