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'Hillary' Clinton Sign Goes Up On House, Neighbors Add To It (Photo)

After a Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sign went up in a local community, the next door neighbor decided to add to it -- and the result is going viral.

The original sign read simply, “Hillary,” in support of a Clinton presidency. The sign hanger's next door neighbors probably aren’t very big fans of the former Secretary of State, because they decided to add their own message to their windows. The neighbors spelled out “is a liar,” one letter to each window, to make a statement.

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The signs went viral, with many finding it humorous and agreeing with the neighbor’s sentiment.

“Genius,” one Mad World News reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“Excellent application of the First Amendment, getting the message across in unmistakeable terms, yet without violating anyone else's property! May patriotism crush globalism forever!” another wrote on American Lookout. 

Sources: American LookoutMad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: American Lookout 

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