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Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Returns, Made $11M in 2015

The Clinton campaign released Hillary and Bill Clinton's 2015 tax returns along with the returns of Hillary's vice presidential running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, from the past 10 years. 

The Clintons made $10.6 million in 2015, which is much less than the $28 million they made in 2014, reports CNN.

Their income primarily came from speaking fees and royalties from their books. Last year, the couple pulled in $6.7 million in speaking fees and $3.1 million from their various books. They also made $109,000 in interest and dividends.

Bill Clinton made $1.7 million from his consulting business and an extra $226,000 from his pension as former president of the United States.

The tax return shows that they paid $3.24 million in federal income taxes. This means that 30.6 percent of the couple's income went to taxes, which is on par with the 32 percent they paid to taxes in 2014. CNN reports they have satisfied the so-called Buffet Rule, which states that anyone with an income upwards of $1 million must pay a minimum of 30 percent of their income in taxes. Clinton hopes to institute this rule if elected. 

In comparison to the Clintons, the Daily Mail reports that vice-presidential running mate Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton, made $313,411 last year and paid a tax rate of 25.6 percent. The Kaines donated 7.5 percent of their income to charity, while the Clintons donated 9.8 percent of theirs. 

By releasing her tax returns, the Democratic presidential nominee is pressuring her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump, to do the same. 

"In stark contrast, Donald Trump is hiding behind fake excuses and backtracking on his previous promises to release his tax returns," said Clinton's communications director Jennifer Palmieri in a statement. "He has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. What is he trying to hide?"

While presidential candidates aren't required to release their tax returns, it has become expected to do so throughout the years. By refusing to release his returns, Trump is violating a bipartisian tradition of transparency, according to CNN.  

The Trump campaign says he is not releasing his returns because he is being audited by the IRS. But an audit does not prevent a person from disclosing his or her tax returns. Trump has also stated will not hand over his returns to the public until after Election Day.

Trump's stance has led critics to wonder if the size of his fortune is smaller than he claims, a fact that would be a blow to his image as a successful businessman.

With Clinton's 2015 income taxes, she has now released 39 years worth of tax returns throughout her career, CNN reports. 

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo credit: Flickr

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