Clinton Campaign Wondering Who Leaked Info For Book


According to an unnamed source, tensions are high among former staffers of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign following the release of a new book that outlines the campaign's failures. 

"Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign" was released on April 18, reports Politico. The book was written by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, two political reporters. Throughout the book, they characterize the relationship between Clinton's staffers as vindictive and unsupportive.

For example, Politico reports that the book claims that Clinton confidants attempted to get her campaign manager, Robby Mook, fired and that Clinton aide Huma Abedin targeted staffers who expressed critical ideas. 

In the days following the release of the book, Politico reports that members of the Clinton campaign took to online platforms to express their discontent with the picture painted by the book.

"I wanted to speak out because ... it’s hard to read a depiction of the campaign that paints a dedicated, cohesive team as mercenaries with questionable motives who lacked a loyalty to a candidate described as "imperial" and removed from the campaign," wrote communications director Christina Reynolds in a post on Medium the day following the book's release. 

She then went on to describe the environment of the campaign, which she characterized as supportive overall.

Other staffers seemed to agree with Reynolds.

"This is all spot on," wrote campaign foreign policy spokesman Jessie Lehrich in a tweet, referring to Reynolds' post later that day. "In those brutal days right after the election, the office was a hug-fest, not a knife-fight."

Even in light of such claims, the authors of the book seem to be standing by their work.

"You know, they can say ... that it wasn’t the campaign they knew, but ... we talked to hundreds of people," said Parnes in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio host, on April 20. "This is their story from inside the campaign. This is what they told us."

Despite such assertions that Clinton's campaign was a positive environment, some amount of enmity may be arising in light of the book's publication, especially considering that it appears likely that details came from within the campaign. 

According to an unnamed source, the book's details "could only have come from someone in the inner circle," reports Page Six. Page Six also reports that the finance director for Clinton's campaign, Dennis Cheng, is trying to determine who is responsible for releasing details to Allen and Parnes. 

"The knives are out to find the people who spoke about the campaign to the authors of this book. Dennis has been texting prominent campaign staffers, asking who talked," the unnamed source said. "He’s on a witch hunt to find out who talked to save their own skin, throwing Hillary and her campaign manager Robby Mook under the bus."

The source also claimed that despite the two still being close, there was some suspicion that Abedin could have leaked a number of the details.

In addition, the source also said that Clinton's top aides are set to attend a "thank-you party" on April 27 in the apartment of Evercore executive Charles Meyers. 

"Everybody will be eyeing everyone else suspiciously," the source said of the event.

Sources: Page Six, Politico, Christina Reynolds/Medium, Jessie Lehrich/Twitter, / Photo credit: Marc Nozell​/Flickr

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