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'That Was Really Awesome': Good Samaritan Fills Group's Car With Gas, Leaves Note (Video)

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A group of friends hiking in British Columbia received a random act of kindness when they discovered someone had paid for their gas (video below).

On the hike were friends Derek Froese, Lee Kliewer, Jon Friesen, Miranda Mulder, Samantha Fischer and Vanessa Epps.

The group had been in the Fraser Valley to hike Mount Cheam last weekend when they found themselves out of gas and stuck where they were.

“We were going to Mount Cheam,” Froese told Global News. “Get to the top with no casualties, snacks in tact.”

When they found themselves dangerously low on gas, they decided to keep going forward.

 “I think when you’re going uphill your gas reads a little bit lower,” said Kliewer. “When you’re going downhill you can coast most of the way down, going neutral.”

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When their tank ran empty, they chose to leave their vehicle with a note under the windshield wiper reading, “LOW ON GAS. FILL US UP, TAKE THE MONEY.”

They also left $30 for the potential good Samaritan.

“It was a little bit nerve-racking leaving the truck with some cash, and a note and just hoping for the best,” Friesen said.

However, when they got back to their vehicle, they discovered that someone filled their tank up and also left their money in the gas compartment.

“The best part of the hike was hearing Sam yell ‘We have gas!’” said Mulder.

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The anonymous good Samaritans also left a note reading, “we gased [sic] you up! Check the gas compartment. Pay it forward.”

“I was really surprised the money was still there,” Froese said. “Somebody just thought they’d help us out and make our day and that was really awesome.”

The group reportedly already has plans to pay it forward.

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“Next time we go up we’ll have our own jerry can of gas,” said Fischer. “And if anyone else is in the same predicament, help them.”

Source: Global News, YouTube

Photo Credit: Global News


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