Hikers Discover Dog With Multiple Stab Wounds Lying In Ditch


A dog in Pennsylvania was given a second chance on life after she was discovered lying in a ditch with stab wounds in her chest.

Hikers discovered the canine in the woods on Sunday. She had several wounds to her chest and abdomen, according to Lancaster Online.

Officials so far suspect foul play.

“This was malicious,” Director of the Lancaster County SPCA, Susan Martin, told Lancaster Online. “The dog wasn’t just abused. It was actually mutilated. She was stabbed several times in the chest.”

The dog — who the SPCA have named Daisy — was described as an American bulldog/boxer mix and despite her wounds was able to survive the ordeal.

“If that good Samaritan wouldn’t have found her, she would have died,” said Martin.

After the hikers made their discovery, the dog was taken to the Pets Emergency Treatment Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The dog is now in the care and supervision of veterinarians who have given her a regiment of pain medicine and antibiotics, according to Lancaster Online.

Connie Kondravy, director of the Organization for the Responsible Care of Animals, told Lancaster Online that she is hoping the people responsible are found and convicted for their crimes.

“The dog is lovely,” Kondravy said. “Someone should be held responsible for this.”

Despite the abuse, Daisy is doing well though.

“She’s doing great,” said Martin. “She’s in good spirits. But it’s going to take a while for these wounds to heal.”

“She’s extremely sweet. She’s very obedient,” Martin continued. “She’s looking to please. We need to find out who did this, who stabbed her. She is in no way aggressive.”

Though she didn’t have a collar on her neck, she did have a microchip. However, it is not registered to her current owner, according to the news site.

“She would never attack anybody,” Martin added, ”you can tell from her demeanor. And even if she would, these are not defensive wounds.”

If found, the person or people responsible would face a misdemeanor charge with a minimum fine of $1,000. They would also have to undergo a mental evaluation.

According to the American Humane Society website, dogs make up the majority of all animal cruelty cases in the United States, with over 1,200 reported in 2007.

Source: Lancaster Online, HumaneSociety.org / Photo Credit: Suzette Wenger/Lancaster Online, Facebook/ABC27

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