Hiker Risks Life To Save Puppy


A former Marine Sergeant was hiking in a remote area of Arizona when he found a dying puppy and risked his own life to save it.

Zachary Anderegg found the puppy 350 feet down a canyon after it’d ben abandoned and left for dead, LittleThings reports.

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Knowing he couldn’t leave the dog to die, Anderegg spent several hours climbing in and out of the canyon and bringing food to the dog. He also spent that time gaining the pup’s trust.

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The next day, Anderegg returned with a crate and went back into the canyon to rescue the dog, named Riley. At the time, Riley was skin and bones and emaciated. There were also shotgun pellets lodged in his skin.

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Anderegg rescued Riley and the puppy was finally in safe hands. The story didn’t end there, however, because Anderegg and his family decided to adopt their newfound friend.

Riley soon began regaining his health, and slowly, but surely, started to come back to life in every way. 

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Three years later, Riley and Anderegg are the best of friends, and the two even returned to the canyons. 

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The heartwarming story quickly went viral, with many readers praising Anderegg on LittleThings’ Facebook page.

“You are God's blessing for this animal and may he live a happy life with you and be treated like a normal human dog there's a lot of sick people out there that just dumped their dogs wherever they feel like it and it's wrong God was watching out over the little dog and he guided you to him,” one reader commented.

“Words can not express how I feel at this moment after seeing this video so glad you found him and he has all the love in the world from you both,” another wrote.

“I will never ever be able to begin to understand how anyone could do such horrible things to animals," another added. "I am grateful to this man for saving this dog and giving him a forever home."

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