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Hiker Richard White Photographed Bear Before Getting Mauled to Death

Investigators recovered the camera of a hiker who was mauled and killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska’s Denali National Park, a first in the park’s 100 year history.

Skimming through the camera, officials found that the victim photographed the animal for several minutes, grazing peacefully, according to the parks Superintendent Paul Anderson on Saturday.

The events leading to the discovery of the camera began on Friday when hikers discovered a lone backpack by a river, spots of blood and pieces of clothing scattered nearby.

Park staff were quickly alerted and deployed helicopters in search of the potential victim. According to FOX News, the male grizzly bear was found on Saturday, several hundred feet away from the bloody site, resting near the remains of the hiker.

The bear was killed by a state trooper, and its stomach contents examined by officials.  The man’s body was recovered and sent to a medical examiner in Anchorage who identified him as 49-year-old Richard White from San Diego.

Medical examiners are sure that no other factors played into the death of White besides the mauling.

The report states that White, like all other hikers permitted to enter the area, received a mandatory bear awareness training which advises them to maintain a quarter-mile distance from nearby bears.


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