Hiker Posted Picture On Cliff Before Falling To Death


A hiker who posted photos of her view while hiking in the Grand Canyon fell 400 feet to her death just hours after the photos were posted.

Rangers in the national park found the body of Colleen Burns, 35, below Ooh Aah Point, a famous landmark in the Grand Canyon where many hikers stop to watch the sunrise. Burns was reportedly trying to make room for another hiker on the path when she lost her footing and fell to her death, according to the Daily Mail.

Just three hours before her fall, while Burns was hiking with friends, she had posted a picture of herself sitting on the edge of a cliff to Instagram. The image's caption read, "That view tho."

"She was ... stepping out of the way for another gentleman to ... squeeze in," said Jessica Roman, a friend who was with Burns on the trail, describing the circumstances of Burns' tragic fall, according to WESH. "Unfortunately, Colleen just kind of got tripped up on her own feet and fell backwards. She fell into the canyon."

"That was the longest, strangest, craziest two seconds of my life," Roman added. "Those last two seconds where everything changed are so minute in comparison to all the memories I have with her."

A spokesperson for the Coconino County Public Health Service's Medical Examiner's Office told People Magazine that Burns' death had been ruled an accident, and that she had died from "multiple blunt force injuries" resulting from her fall.

Burns worked in Orlando as a regional marketing director for Yelp, the popular restaurant and business review service, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Mourners from the city took to social media to express their grief over Burns' death.

"I danced tonight. I hope everyone else did the same. Colleen Burns would have wanted it that way," posted one of Burns' friends on Facebook. Local Love Orlando, an online shop that sells products inspired by Orlando, said in a post that Burns had been "an embodiment of Orlando Love."

A spokeswoman for Yelp said that Burns' co-workers at the company are still in shock over her death, adding that "to say we're heartbroken is a severe understatement."

Sources: Daily Mail, People, WESH, Orlando Sentinel / Photo credit: Instagram via Daily Mail

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