Highway Police Officer Threatens Speeding Man With Anal Rape (Video)


A furious highway patrol officer caught a German tourist off guard when the cop called him “Germany Boy” after pulling him over at a traffic stop.

The officer asks the tourist “Why are you driving in my country?” He then explains why his “ass will be hurting for a month” if he ends up going to jail.

The incident was caught on tape and several versions of the video have gone viral, all explaining that a police officer from an unknown department pulled a German tourist over for speeding, Jalopnik reported.

“Do you know what the speed limit is boy?” the officer asks.

Instead of giving him a ticket, the officer leaves the tourist with a warning.

“Do you know what happens to nice little boys like you that have to go to jail for reckless driving? Your ass will be hurting for a month … I suggest you slow down and do 70 or you will get violated.”

A version of the video was posted on Reddit last year, under the title “US Cop threatens German motorist with anal rape for speeding.” Reddit users chimed in with one commenter saying, “The guy was being unsafe, but the cop was just being a complete d**k.”

“The way he talked to him was definitely d***ish but he saved the driver a lot of trouble," another user replied. “28 MPH over the speed limit is a felony in most states. Being charged with a felony is a serious crime against you, being charged with a felony in a country that you are not a citizen in makes it quite a bit worse as if a felony charge against you isn't bad enough.”


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