Highway Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas Collapses (Video)

Part of Interstate 15 collapsed yesterday after a construction worker’s blowtorch started a fire on the freeway's bridge. The highway is the main route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The disaster began when a construction worker's blowtorch accidentally started a fire on the wooden supports of an overpass bridge, San Bernardino County Fire Capt. Josh Wilkins told the Associated Press.

After the wooden supports caught on fire, the bridge suddenly collapsed in Hesperia, Calif. (video below).

Traffic was backed up on the freeway for up to 20 miles. California transportation officials said this part of Interstate 15 would be closed for up two days.

On Monday night, firefighters were still spraying water on the collapsed bridge, while construction workers used blow torches to get rid of the mangled sections of steel, noted The Los Angeles Times.

"It's not looking good," Caltrans spokeswoman Terri Kasinga said yesterday.

"If you do know alternate routes, you should take those routes," added San Bernardino County Fire Department spokeswoman Tracey Martinez.

Sources: Associated Press and The Los Angeles Times


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