'High Times' Cover Features Oliver Stone Smoking a Joint

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Who knew a magazine dedicated to pot smokers even existed? And who would have thought three peat Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone would be on the cover smoking a joint? Snoop Dogg, yes, but Oliver? No.  

This is Chris Simunek's first issue as editor-in-chief and says of the August 2012 issue:

"We applaud Oliver Stone for showing the same sort of courage in his support for the marijuana cause that he's shown with so many other issues, past and present. HIGH TIMES has always championed the rebel with a cause, and when people of Mr. Stone's renown speak up — and smoke up — in the public sector, it exposes one more chink in the armor of idiocy that protects the status quo."

In addition to their discussion about his fondness for weed, they also discuss with him: his new movie Savages, his criticisms of American foreign intervention and the global drug war. 

This issue hits newsstands tomorrow, June 12, 2012. Party on Garth. Party on Wayne.


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