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High Schools Ban Twerking at School Dances

River Ridge High School in Lacey, Wash. is forcing students and their parents to sign a "RRHS Dance Contract" that forbids students from twerking or performing lap dances at school events.

To cover everything else, the school is also banning any dance that makes it "look like you're having sex" on the dance floor.

Twerking is the bent-over, butt-grinding dance performed by Miley Cyrus on MTV's VMA broadcast a couple of months ago.

If students violate the dance contract, they can be kicked out of a dance and banned from future dances. Also, the students won't be refunded for any dances they pay for and miss, notes

Two high schools in Maryland have also come up with bans on twerking at school dances.

South River High School has banned twerking for its homecoming on Nov. 2 and requires that students and parents both sign a contract.

Annapolis High School had parents and students sign a contract that forbids kissing, weary skimpy clothing and simulated sex moves during their Oct. 26 homecoming dance.

“This, unfortunately, has become the norm. Some of this crazy dancing that makes others feel uncomfortable,” Annapolis Principal Susan Chittim told “Some kids feel left out because of the dancing that occurs.”

However, Annapolis senior Kate Gonsalves predicted, “I guarantee we will see some twerking."

Her classmate Cali Roberts said, “It depends whether [teachers] let it go on or not. Sophomore year dancing was really bad. They had to keep the lights on."

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