High Schoolers Protest Teen Vogue for Using Photoshopped Pictures of Girls

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Two months after 14-year-old Julia Bluhm called on Seventeen to stop photoshopping women, fellow SPARK movement activists Emma Stydahar and Carina Cruz led a protest of their own to convince Teen Vogue to publicly commit to using “Photoshop-free, diverse images of real girls."

The Wednesday protest, held across the street from publisher Condé Nast’s headquarters in New York City, attracted a large crowd. Stydahar said that their petition has received nearly 30,000 signatures.

Cruz said in a press release: “I’m a Teen Vogue reader, and I want the magazine to publicly commit to their readers, like Seventeen did, to never alter the body size or face shape of the girls and models in their magazine and feature diverse beauty in their pages. As a girl of color who has struggled with my weight, I want Teen Vogue to tell girls like me that they think we’re beautiful just as we are.”


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