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High Schoolers Block Anti-Abortion Protesters From Bringing Graphic Images To Elementary School in Hamilton, Ontario

One of the tactics used by anti-abortion protesters is pure, horror-movie gore. Bloody photos of aborted fetuses waved around in public places are intended to shock those unlucky enough to view them into changing their minds about abortion. Or at least to make people feel ill.

But a group of high school students in Hamilton, Ontario didn’t think those violent images were appropriate for children. When a group of anti-abortion protesters marched on Sherwood Secondary School, which stands adjacent to an elementary school, the high school kids took a stand — literally.

“I was quite offended,” said Sherwood senior Zack Howard. “There is a little elementary school right beside our school and I thought it was quite ignorant to hold signs of aborted fetuses out and it angered me. I gave them a piece of my mind.”

The high schoolers formed a human shield between the elementary school and the anti-abortion protesters holding their splatter shots of dead fetuses.

One of the students recorded the spontaneous counter-protest and posted it to YouTube (video below).

On the video, the student doing the filming is heard expressing his disgust at the protesters, saying, “People are sick!”

The protesters represented the anti-abortion group The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. The group attained a degree of notoriety last week when it hung an explicit image of a dead fetus on a banner attached to a highway overpass (pictured).

“We’re a country of diverse people and diverse opinions — but at the same time, I don’t believe in being intrusive or inappropriate, and that graphic just took it too far,” said one motorist, Lindsay Tompkins.

The anti-abortion group’s co-founder says that the Ontario public should not expect to be free from the disturbing images. They have an 18-year protest planned and they’re just getting started.

“We have found pictures to be effective in changing minds and saving lives; we know of women who have cancelled abortions based on our pictures,” Stephanie Gray told Canadian TV. “This isn’t ending any time soon. Our philosophy is as long as children are being killed, the evidence will be brought to people's attention.”

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