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High Schooler Brutally Beaten During Hazing

Investigators in Kenmore, Wash., are looking into the brutal beating of high school junior, James Walvatne.

According to Walvatne, he was kidnapped, blindfolded and beaten.

“They used PVC pipes, headless golf clubs, and flour and maple syrup,” said Walvatne in an interview with Kirotv. “They peed on us and stuff."

Walvatne is one of seven boys beaten that night, and he was left with visible marks, bruises and cuts. The assailants were members of a social club known as the “Naked Vikings” who cheer at football games.

Neighbors called the police when they heard screams.

“We woke up to what sounded like someone staple gunning someone and screaming,” said neighbor Jeannie Collier.

Walvatne, however, does not think the members of the club should be prosecuted.

"It's just tradition,” he said. “I don’t think they should be in trouble that could just ruin their lives."

Naturally, his mother disagrees.

"This needs to be stopped, this initiation; it's not right,” she said. “People cannot do this to other people."

Since Walvatne did not resist or tell the other boys to stop, it is unlikely that any charges will stick. There are no laws against consensual assault, which is what makes this case all the more dangerous. There is no legal way to deter hazing. However, Inglemoor High school has banned the members of the Naked Vikings from school and all school-related events.

Friends of the victim also protest the move as an overreaction.

“They shouldn’t have had to go through that and then have them take it away,” said Nick McPherson, a friend of James Walvatne. “It got out of hand one year. It’s been a tradition forever.”

Source: Kirotv


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